Campo Maccione


Second and third generation of the Zingarelli Family – Sergio, Daniela and their children Andrea and Giulia – continue the family passion for delivering the very best of Tuscany through their properties in Chianti Classico and the coastal Maremma area. Since 1998, the Zingarelli family has been dedicated to promoting the quality and value offered by Maremma wines.

With 1,500 acres across six estates in Tuscany, the Zingarelli family are advocates of quality across all aspects of Sangiovese winemaking and appellations. They produce a deep portfolio of Tuscan wines of exceptional quality and value year after year, and which consistently garner 90+ scores from top wine media.



In 1998, the Zingarelli family, driven by their far-sighted entrepreneurial approach, decided to explore an area where the winemaking tradition has exceptionally ancient roots – the Maremma. Within the zone of Morellino di Scansano, the Zingarelli family purchased the 80-hectare Campomaccione estate in order to cultivate Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah grapes with modern planting systems featuring 6000 plants per hectare. The dry, hilly soils – together with the area’s warm climate – favor a perfectly-timed ripening of the grapes, while the brackish sea air is essential for the development of the specific aromatic characteristics. In 2003, Casamaria Farm (67-hectare close to the Campomaccione vineyards) was acquired to expand total Maremma vineyard holdings. This farm was chosen specifically for the cultivation of white varietals and today serves as the source of Campo Maccione’s 100% Vermentino.


Coastal Tuscany’s Maremma district remains a relatively undiscovered jewel in well-traveled central Italy. Bound by the clear waters of the Tyrhennian Sea, and isolated from Chianti Classico and Montalcino by a twisting spine of densely wooded hill country, the Maremma has a rich heritage of winemaking and viticulture that dates back to the Etruscan civilization. Today, wines of great character are produced across the entire Province of Grosseto, which encompasses 8,770 hectares of vineyard.

The Campo Maccione Estate is located only 6 miles from the Tyrhennian Sea at an altitude between 250-300ft.  Consistent sea breezes through the growing season make the Maremma a cooler zone than Chianti Classico. Conditions here are perfect for cultivating white varieties and for producing fresh, fruit-driven reds. Vineyard sites with northwest exposure offer ideal diurnal temperature variations with an extended ripening period while westerly sites face more wind from the sea as well as more hours of concentrated afternoon sunlight.


Soils through the zone are generally well-drained with and based on sand with deposits of quartz and limestone.


The story and vocation of the Zingarelli family is inextricably linked with the landscape of Tuscany. The family’s work is to transcribe and to share the unending story of that landscape—an effort they dutifully undertake through the medium of wine. The Zingarelli family winemaking business was established on a solid base of ethical values set forth by Italo, patriarch of the founding generation. Italo’s expansive concept of family was open to anyone who shared his passion for Tuscany’s terroir and his vision for translating into the wine bottle. In this vein the family business has continued to grow across fifty years and three generations. Today the Zingarelli family occupies a prominent position among the stewards of Italy’s land and traditions, yet they look toward the future and to the continued growth of the family in the most expansive sense of the word.