Château de Messey

In 1986, Marc Dumont bought a vineyard in Cruzille, in Mâconnais, that originally belonged to the monks of the illustrious Abbey of Cluny. A few years later, he met the Demoiselles Jourdan sisters then the owners of Château de Messey, a domain of 89 hectares (220 acres), of which 17 hectares (42 acres) had produced AOC wines until 1958. Marc Dumont purchased this domain to carry on the tradition of many generations in the art of fine wine making. The beautiful XVIth century vaulted cellars assure the best conditions for making high quality wine.



1000 years of history!

Château de Messey, a large estate nestled on a hilltop just 8 kilometers (five miles) from Tournus in the commune of Ozenay is mentioned in IXth Century manuscripts.Its surrounding region grew in importance from the XIth Century, with the widespread construction of abbeys and Romanesque churches, such as those still found in Cluny, Chapaize and Tournus. Among other endeavours, the monks of Cluny and Citeaux, whoThe Château’s two wings face each other across a lovely open courtyard shaded by three 19th century horse chestnut trees. The vaulted cellars and stores have now recovered their original purpose and spirit. Typical of the region, this cluster of buildings is topped by a dovecote tower. Gently rolling below the château one finds the domaine’s farm, a mill along the Natouze stream and the vine workers’ cottages. Marc DUMONT has fully restored the Château and these houses in their very traditional aspect, yet with all the modern conveniences.


15 years after Marc Dumont created the DEMESSEY winery in Maconnais, and then acquired the Manoir Murisaltien in Meursault, he expanded the estate with vineyards at the North all the way into the prestigious Côtes de Nuits. Domaine Belleville in Rully, in Côte Chalonnaise operates these additional vineyards and their winemaking. Demessey can therefore offer fine white and red Burgundy wines.

To reach economies of scale and insure highest quality products, Château de Messey, Domaine Belleville and Manoir Murisaltien decided to centralize management and all commercial and administrative services for the three wineries in Meursault at Manoir Murisaltien.


Marc and Vinciane Dumont are vineyard owners and winemakers in the Mâcon region (Mâconnais), Côte Chalonnaise and Côte d’Or. They make and mature wines that express the character of their “terroir”. [Pictured: Frédéric Servais, Winemaker]