Château Greysac - Domaines Rollan de By

The Leader of the Crus Bourgeois, Domaines Rollan de By is one of the most significant properties in the Médoc region. The estate balances respect for the local environment while embracing modern technologies which further enhances the production of exceptional wines.

Château Haut Condissas Médoc Prestige
Château Greysac Médoc Cru Bourgeois
Château Rollan de By Médoc Cru Bourgeois
Greysac Bordeaux Blanc


The vision of “Domaines Rollan de By – Jean Guyon” began in 1989 with Château Rollan de By’s   acres (2 hectares) of vineyards in Bégadan, a village of Médoc. Only six years later, the vision and adventure gained momentum with the acquisition of a second property, Château Haut Condissas. In 2012, the purchase of the historic Château Greysac brought the holdings of the estates to a total acreage of 457 (185 hectares) Today, these prestigious chateaux form “Domaines Rollan de By – Jean Guyon” and offer award-winning, world-class Bordeaux!


The distinct characteristic of the wines of Domaines Rollan de By is derived from the diversity of the estate’s soils. Like a mosaic, the parcels distributed over the Terres de By offer unique soil diversity with gravel ridges deposited by the Garonne River from the beginning of the Quaternary era. These soils play the essential role in reflecting the sun’s rays and maintaining a moderate evening temperature -- an ideal conditions for optimal ripening of the grapes. A temperate oceanic climate protects the vineyard from the extreme weather conditions, and favorable sunshine and rainfall levels also contribute to exceptional terroir.


Originally an Interior Designer immersed in the artistic world, Jean Guyon decorated sumptuous residences and palaces throughout the world. It was during a visit to the Médoc that he discovered the Terres de By and their exceptional terroir. Self-taught, passionate, and attentive to every detail, he embarked on a winemaking journey with the simple ambition of making pleasurable wines for his friends. This is how he crafted the “garage wine” (Château Rollan de By) which reflected authenticity, individuality, and finesse -- the characteristics found today throughout the entire range of Domaines Rollan de By – Jean Guyon.