“Erasmo is the name of a local farmer that helped me understand the uniqueness of the ancient land of Caliboro…Come and visit this extraordinary organic farm where ancient traditions and state of the art winemaking meet.” - Count Francesco Marone Cinzano

"Reserva de Caliboro"
Late Harvest Torontel


In 1995, Count Francesco Marone Cinzano, owner of the eminent Col d’Orcia estate in Montalcino, visited the Maule Valley in Chile on a trip to the Conquistadores Trail. He fell in love with the land – an area he felt exhibited a true “Harmony of Nature” - and felt there was immense potential for the production of world-class wines.


Count Cinzano and longtime consultant Maurizio Castelli settled on the area of “Riserva di Caliboro” in the Maule Valley to establish Erasmo. The decision to farm organically was paramount from the beginning. In fact, the Caliboro area was chosen because of the allowance of dry farming. The estate was certified organic with the 2014 vintage.



The Caliboro Valley lies along the river Perquilauquen. It is covered in gently sloping alluvial terraces and rich in native vegetation and wildlife. The area enjoys intense sunlight, dry southerly winds and optimal rainfall.


Count Cinzano’s life is inextricably linked with fine wine, with a family tradition of winemaking dating back over 400 years. His unshakeable dedication to producing the highest quality sustainable and organic wines is apparent with Erasmo, but it does not end with grapes. His dedication to the people behind the wines is foremost. Most of the estate’s workers live on the farm and are allowed to cultivate their own plot of land within the propriety, as well as keep their own livestock.