Serra da Estrela

Northwest Spain’s Rias Baixas appellation in Galicia has alluring and refreshingly vibrant white wines. This distinctive region - with its cool, damp maritime climate and lush green vegetation - is unlike any other part of Spain, and has proven to be an ideal environment for the cultivation of premium quality Albariño grapes.



Tradition. Family. Friends. Devotion. Vocation. A wide range of words could describe the winery, Adegas Valmiñor, a wide range of great things that lead into the same passion, their wines. The winery was first established in 1997, but their how-to-do tradition is ancestral. Their love of the  Albariño grape…love of the land, Rías Baixas, and all that it gives. We respect it and take care of it because it is our legacy. It is our life.


34 ha of own vineyards -divided into 4 different parcels- of which 27 ha are over metamorphic schists,and almost 8 ha are over sand and alluvial deposit soils, granitic, with a great presence of river stones. Plus 30 controlled ha. 


Cristina Mantilla, winemaker, has been making our wines since our group was established in 1997. Chemical Degree for the prestigious University of Santiago de Compostela and after that post-graduated in Oenology and Viticulture in Madrid. She started working not only in Rías Baixas as her experience also starts growing beyond Galicia borders. In 97 Carlos Gómez laid the foundation stone of the winery and Cristina Mantilla decided to join and give birth to a very young project that was starting from zero, young, dynamic and with a very clear idea: to use the most modern technology combined with a very deep loyalty to tradition.

Cristina is the first and sole winemaker from the very first vintage of all the wines elaborated by the winery and the wines she also makes in our winery in Ribera del Duero. Cristina shows a great commitment with several principles: loyalty to the unique character of the albariño grape and as it can be demonstrated in Valmiñor, an intense work with the mouth of the wines from Rías Baixas so they can be long, with structure and complexity using for that excellent quality of grapes, with high average age of the vineyards and cold maceration in order to obtain a good intensity.

Cristina has also gone further in the Oenology world making unique wines in Spain as a 100% loureiro and she is also about to launch the first rosé wine ever made in Galicia. She is definitely a pioneer in making unique wines in Galicia.