Tenuta Podernovo


Organic farming: a balance between man and nature. A choice for the vines, a choice for life.



In the 1980s, after more than a hundred years’ experience gained in the production of their legendary Ferrari Trentodoc Sparkling Wines, the Lunelli family decided to link their own name to a range of hand-crafted still wines produced from grapes grown in the family’s estate vineyards on the slopes of the mountains surrounding Trento. The Tenute Lunelli range includes three wineries in three different regions of Italy: Tenuta Margon in Trentino, Tenuta Podernovo in Tuscany and Tenuta Castelbuono in Umbria. All three Tenute Lunelli estates have a shared vision founded upon a fierce respect for the diversity, identity and origin of each territory, and altruistic Sustainable & Organic environmental protocols, rooted in patience as a virtue.

The Podernovo winery has been built with an intense respect for the morphology of the site, with particular attention being paid to the conservation of the surrounding landscape. The structures are all lovingly crafted through the use of local stone, and colored with a a palate that is in perfect harmony with the environment.


Tenuta Podernovo is a splendid vine-clad hill at Terricciola in the heart of Tuscany. Here in the hills near Pisa, rich in beauty and tradition, the Lunelli family has found an ideal environment for the production of fine red wines: an enchanting combination of countryside and vineyards, sky and colors that the Lunelli family has opted to maintain by practising organic farming. The Estate in fact began converting itself to organic in 2009, obtaining full certification in 2012.

The winery dominates the landscape, of which it forms a harmonious part. Beside it stands the Casale Podernovo, a farmhouse which careful restoration has transformed into a luxury residence that offers guests all the tranquillity and charm of Tuscan living. The wines produced here are Teuto, an elegant Sangiovese that offers an interpretation in true Lunelli style of the area’s main variety, and Aliotto, made from a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet, Merlot and other local grapes. Both feature refined tannins, balanced structure and an intense, mellow finish.


The Lunelli family has decided to cultivate wholeheartedly its passion for excellence, associating the Ferrari Trentodoc with a collection of top-quality
products from three estates in outstanding wine zones: Margon in Trentino, Podernovo in Tuscany and Castelbuono in Umbria. That of the Tenute Lunelli is therefore a far-reaching project which encompasses agriculture and life, quality and beauty, and that expresses itself in elegant, long-lived wines. These interpret their areas of origin with profound respect, partly expressed through the decision to use organic techniques.

As “artisans of time,” whose experience has taught them to wait patiently for years for wines to mature in the dark of the cellar, the Tenute Lunelli produce wines of extraordinary appeal that also stand out thanks to their ability to meet the challenge of time.